Lucky by Radiohead is the song that got stuck in my head the most. 

#spentyearssinginginitintheshowereachtime :/

Played 19 times

radiohead — kinetic

// Amnesiac

Played 179 times


Idioteque | Radiohead

Played 9 times

Radiohead — I Will (No Man’s Land.)

// Hail To The Thief

I will
Lay me down
In a bunker

cmnxy _ I will

"Idioteque is driven by a repeating electronic beat and a four-chord synth progression sampled from an experimental computer music piece Mild und Leise recorded by Paul Lansky in 1973."

"Lansky noted that, while Radiohead’s song may hinge on a sample from his work, the Mild und Leise chord progression they used was itself "sampled" by Lansky from a leitmotif of the Richard Wagner opera Tristan und Isolde."

Reflections on Kid A - Radiohead (Documentary)

by SpoonHysteria


(via Gizmodo)


(via Gizmodo)

I’ll be your mirror (Velvet Underground Revisited Rehearsal Version) 2011

Nicolas Godin (Air) 
The Hot Rats (Supergrass) 
Colin Greenwood (Radiohead) 
Nigel Godrich 
Joey Waronker

Soap&Skin / Anja Plaschg

Stanley Donwood